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Photos I took at a recent MVC All Star practice are featured on the Minnesota Vikings website:





Here are the layouts I completed for my homework. Only a week behind now! Most of the papers are from Amanda Rockwell. Did I tell you I get to guest CT for her too! She has a bunch of great new stuff at scrapartist.


In this first one the emphasis is achieved through the size of the main photo and the placement (higher things have more emphasis).


Emphasis on this one demonstrated through larger photo, large mat and journaling in the same area. Even though I’m a week behind at least we are sticking with the same subject EMPHASIS for one more week. Stay tuned for MORE!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (at least in all the stores!). I refuse to do anything around my house until after Thanksgiving and even preferably into December. But I played with last week’s template challenge at

(My favorite place to hang-out by the way. There are great new announcements today so check it out!)

christmas-smiles-webThe journaling reads:

“The greatest part of Christmas giving is seeing the genuine expressions of pure joy on my kids faces as they open their presents. These smiles are a mom’s best present. As they get older what I want to remember about our Christmases together is not the gifts, not the tree, not the music, but the smiles of my children.”

Here’s where you can get the free template:

And all the stuff came from the new awesome collab kit at Oscraps: Parisian Holiday that you can get here:


Hey Carmela–is this what the holiday’s in Paris look like? I have to dream through you my Paris friend.

My boy, Brandon, has spent countless hours in the past 2 months practicing music for his High School’s production of West Side Story that debuted last weekend and is continuing through this weekend. You remember, the Jets (and when you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way) and the Sharks, Tony and Maria (the most beautiful sound Tony ever heard). There was a place for my boy and that place was in the pit:



That’s my boy on his (french) horn. Gee, Officer Krupke, he did awesome!

My other boy, Austin, also made some beautiful music on his sax at a school concert last week too:


Honestly I did do a baby book for my now 4 year old daughter and it was done shortly after she turned one. It was a traditional 12 by 12 inch paper scrapbook album that I was and still am proud of. But last week when my sister-in-law sent me an email about getting a free snapfish book (you just pay shipping) I knew I wanted to update (OK, I mean redo) the baby book with digi-scrapped pages. Looking at the pictures I was amazed how much all the kids have changed in the past 4 years. Can’t say why I would go back and redo things I’ve already done since I’m over a year behind in my scrapping anyway–but I couldn’t resist having a hard-bound baby book that I created. Here are the pages:








Yeah–I think it was worth it! Don’t you!

Last weekend hubby and I had a relaxing cabin get away (without the kids) to celebrate our birthdays which are only three days apart (he is one year older) and our anniversary (which is later this month). The weather up north was crisp and cold. Winter had arrived. We had a little mishap pushing the boat into the garage–the front wheel collapsed.


Luckily we had moved the car up the hill so at least we were not blocked in by the now downed boat. Help was found in the neighboring town in the form of the man who also takes car of the dock for us. He brought out a new part. Five minutes and $100 later the part was installed and the boat was in the garage. After that we could relax and enjoy the rest of our weekend, which included shopping and this marvelous dinner:



Now for this weekend–after taking care of two sick girls for three days it was my turn (be thankful I didn’t take pictures). Missed church and napped all morning and all afternoon and went to bed early. So much for the weekend!

In the digi-scrapbooking world there are many talent designers who create beautiful papers and fun embellishments and as you can see from a previous post–I love to shop their stuff! Many of the designers  have what they call “creative teams” or CTs for short. CTs make layouts using their designers awesome stuff and post them in order to draw attention to the designer and their work (obviously hoping to increase sales). I recently decided to apply to a few of my favorite designers that were holding CT calls. I figured if I’ve already bought their stuff, it would be easy (not to mention FUN) to be one of the first to work with their new designs.  I’m happy to be creating for Amy Teets. Her stuff is found at A Cherry on Top and at Oscraps.

One of my creations for Amy (using her Charade kit):

(Mom: note those ballet shoes. Yes they are mine!)


..this morning and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet

turkeys-webThese wild turkeys! We actually saw a flock of 8 birds parade through our backyard. They’ve been coming in closer since the weather is getting colder. These birds are BIG. Their bodies are 3.6 to 3.8 feet long (1.1 to 1.2 m), the wingspan ranges from 4.1 to 4.8 feet (1.3 to 1.4 m) and they can weigh 5.5 to 18.8 pounds (2.5 to 10.8 kg). I included the SI system for my international friends that check on this blog. And they can FLY! (really, I’ve seen them do it).

I’m just about caught up with my “homework” for DYL. Here are more of my assignments from the class.


week-4-sketch-1-webThat main photo of Jeff and Ellie is one of my all time favorites. I love how two of the people I love best so totally love each other too!




 With the recent snow (yes, as of last Friday there is snow here), I am dreaming of a white (space) Christmas. Highlights of last years tree seach.



“White space” that’s black! My groovy girl at Halloween.


week-5-sketch-3-webAnd finally “white space” that is patterned! One of Ellie’s favorite summer pasttimes.

Week 6: UNITY


A summer Canandian fishing trip for Jeff & Austin.



Me still “Dancing at the Dome”! Once an MVC always an MVC!

Enrolled in an awesome design class taught by Cathy Z through Big Picture Scrapbooking. She is a fellow Minnesotan and a scrapbooker extrodinare. Her simple style and fun videos have helped me see exactly why I like certain layouts better than others and I hope that I can make my layouts shine more through following basic design principles. Here is my work for



Our fourth annual mother-daughter vacation was actually a “staycation” since we only went as far as Bloomington. But hey, they have the Mall of America!


Earlier this summer on a family vacation with hubby’s family at a resort. This girl loves the water!


wk-2-sketch-1-webJust because I love my mom.



Anna was in a local production of Joseph this past year handling many small roles (brother Gad, a Joseph swooner, the last sheep, Pharoah’s court). She loved it and did great.



Racecar driving!



My little sweetie! Don’t you just want to hug her?