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Ellie, my youngest, seems to be featured the most lately. I guess that’s because she’s the one that still spends a lot of time with me.

Last month she discovered her big sister, Anna’s, old EZ Bake oven in the back of the cabinet. She begged me to let her use it to bake her own cake in her own oven. So we finally got around to it last month. Ellie is quite good at cracking eggs and stirring the batter. The EZ Bake oven works by cooking with a light bulb. It worked fine at the beginning and Ellie was excited. But when I tried to remove the cake somehow it slipped down into the oven. I wasn’t sure where it went, so I quickly unplugged the oven and ran downstairs to the office to get a screwdriver to remove the back of the oven and rescue the cake. Luckily it had fallen in an open area and not on the light bulb. After Ellie looked at the oven (now in a few pieces thanks to my screwdriver work) and at the cake (not exactly appetizing) she said, “Maybe we should use the big oven.” So that’s what we did. Now we know why the EZ Bake oven was in the BACK of the cabinet.

The weather started warming up around her about two weeks ago. The quick warm up prompted the melting of all our snow and hence the flooding. But we did enjoy getting out and doing the “warm” weather activities. Warm is relative and for us that meant about 60 degrees. Ellie was thrilled to be able to get on her skateboard and practice going down the driveway. She had amazingly good balance.

About two months ago Ellie and I were out shopping. That girl does love to shop. I truely belive that she inherited the “Nana shopping gene”. (Nana is my grandma) Anyway she fell in love with this soft, cuddly lamb lovey so much that she was willing so spend her own money. It has been a constant bedtime companion ever since. Even though it is not the color pink, its name is Pink.

We’ve been to the neighborhood park two or three times already this spring. Ellie loves climbing, sliding and swinging.


It’s almost Easter and we’ve been getting ready.

“Peep” bunny garland for the window…

and the fireplace.

A cute little basket for our table. I decorated it and Ellie brought a friend to hang out.

I’m helping decorate the church for Easter on Saturday. It promises to be a day of celebration of the victory of Christ and time with family.

“It” refers to our recent flooding events along the Minnesota River close to home. According to the Chaska Herald, this flood which has closed the three closest bridges was the fifth highest on record.

“According to a city of Chaska report issued this morning, 2010 joins the top five Minnesota River high-water marks.

1. April 12, 1965: 34.25

2. June 25, 1993: 32.78

3. April 19, 2001: 32.27

4. April 14, 1997: 31.74

5. March 24, 2010: 29.90″

Since we live on top of a hill, our home was perfectly safe during this recent event. The biggest inconvenience is to my husband who works on the other side of the river. All last week and all of this week he has had to detour about 15 miles total out of his way to access an open bridge across the river. Hopefully with the waters already dropping the bridges will be open soon. 

I turned the word art I created for a layout posted awhile ago (follow link if you’d like to see how I used it)

See Layout Here (scroll down)

Hope you enjoy this little freebie (sorry download has EXPIRED).

Two new layouts I completed this week-both happen to feature my youngest in her favorite color, PINK:



Looks good on her (the pink) don’t you think?

Swimming lessons continue on Saturday mornings along with dance lessons each week. Our snow melted fast contributing to the recent flood conditions in our area. I went out and took photos twice this past week of the high water–will post about that soon. Today’s noon news report stated that this March has been the least snowiest on record. In fact, there has been no measureable snow this month at all. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just not expected when you live in the north.

Just a few layouts from events that happened in January. First was our nephew, Blake’s confirmation:

Then it was my father-in-law’s birthday (I posted photos back in January, but here’s the layout I made):

Finally just one for fun, my youngest, Ellie doing her best modeling moves for me:

Too cute.

I participated in this month’s weekday workshop at ScrapArtist where the theme this month was everyday. Here are the layouts I made:

Look, there’s a bear behind you…

Got ya! Happy Patrick Fool’s Day!

That was how Ellie, my 5 year old, celebrated the holiday yesterday. I had to inform her that she combined two holidays into one. But it did give us the giggles.

We turned in Ellie’s acceptance letter for 1st grade this week and she is excited about going to school in the fall. She brought up getting school supplies such as pencils, paper and paper cleaners. “Paper cleaners? What are those?” I had to ask. “You know, when you need to clean the pencil off your paper when you make a mistake.”

Now I know: paper cleaners = erasers. 

Just a couple layouts of Ellie that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet, so here they are.

Challenge 3 at Designer Digitals was to create a layout about something that makes you smile. So here’s something:

The 4th Challenge was entitled “when I was your age”. I choose to feature all my kids.

At 5 I remember playing outside and with my dolls and stuffed animals, things you love to do too.  I was always the big sister, you will always be the little one.

 At 12 I thought of myself as fairly mature and I suppose I was for my age, something I see in you as well. I just wish I enjoyed being a kid a little while longer.  

 At 14 I was ready to start high school, so glad to be done with Jr. High and just starting to be comfortable with myself. I think you’re already there.

 At 17 I graduated high school and a week later left home to start college, so why is it both exciting and hard to see you looking at colleges when you want the same things I did at your age.