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The photos I’ve posted before, but now here they are again highlighting my son, Austin’s marching band.

It also features a fun new date strip made by Heather T that is available both at Mscraps and at Pickleberry Pop  (where Heather is a guest designer for the month of October)!



Just a few weeks ago it was the first day of a new school year for the kids. Things have settled down into the routine again. There is marching band practice two mornings a week for Austin. Dance and cheer three to four times a week for Anna. Ellie has ballet and will soon be starting Awana. Add to that my activities: bible study and dance. As hectic as some of the days get, I love the routine and I love watching my kids doing things they love to do. As much as my kids lament the end of their summer freedom, I know they do better balancing their lives once the routine is re-established.

And of course my routine includes photography and scrapping. A new layout to share: “Me and My Girls” using a photograph taken on the first day of school and featuring Roadside Designs new template collection available at Catscrap


Exploring is what my youngest, Ellie, spends much of her time doing. So I was excited to get Heather T’s latest kit, “Explorations” to play with recently. (Get it at Mscraps)

I loved this photograph taken during our trip to the Arboretum in August but just didn’t know how to scrap it until now. It really captures her love of exploring.

Ellie captured through the front window investigating the garden back in July.

When: August 29, 2011

Where: Papa’s Cabin, northern Minnesota

Journaling reads: “As we were packing to leave the cabin, Ellie decided to try her hand at fishing off the dock while she waited. It wasn’t long before she caught this beauty of a small mouth bass. She easily beat out her Dad and brother since they hadn’t caught a thing all weekend. ”
That’s my little fishing champ!

I didn’t wait too long this year to get a layout done of each of the kids for their first day of school.

One for Austin:

I loved using Roadside Designs new “Road to Success” kit available at Catscrap.

It was perfect for a more masculine look I wanted.

Elinor’s first day of second grade:

And Anna’s first day of eighth grade.

This one earned me $5 in Spraground bucks! Check it out HERE.


Sunday marked the end of the Steamboat Days celebration with a parade through downtown. Now our downtown is only 3 blocks long, but they put on a good parade with lots of units and lots of candy.

We picked out a spot near Funky Minds that was shady (good thing on a HOT day) and right away Ellie found her friend, Brenna, from school. Those two stuck together for the entire parade collecting candy together.

Austin continued to have a busy band weekend. The Marching Band performed for the football game on Friday night and then marched in the parade on Sunday.

Ellie spotted Austin right away even though he was on the far side from where we were.

Jeff tried to go find Austin after the band came through, but with no luck. So it was nice that he came back to enjoy the rest of the parade with me.

Especially poignant was this unit of our volunteer fire department that recreated the flag raising at ground zero on this, the 10th anniversary of the attacks on our country.

Our town’s annual celebration, Steamboat Days, was just last weekend. One of the highlights is always the  fireworks display. This year did not disappoint us. Jeff and Ellie and I arrived about an hour before the show so Ellie had time to try out the inflatable toys:

I ran into one of Anna’s new teachers, Deb, while waiting for our kids at the jumper.

The downtown scene.

Not sure what the blue and green guys were all about…

Waiting for the fireworks.

Eating mini donuts while waiting for the fireworks.

Finally, watching the fireworks. Ellie was getting a bit tired by this point, but she didn’t want to miss a thing.

The display was awesome and lasted a good 25 to 30 minutes. Thanks Steamboat Days!

It’s marching band season, some people might call it football season, but in this household we go to the games to watch the band. Austin is once again in marching band. This year he switched to the baritone saxophone. The group started practicing just three weeks ago (2 weeks before school started) and they are sounding and looking great already. It was a wonderful night to be at the game.

On the practice field before the game.

Ellie supporting her big brother’s school.

The band on the field before the game leading the crowd in the national anthem and the school song.

That’s Austin 3rd from the front.

Still playing as the band leaves the field as the start of the game.

Besides the band, Ellie was most interested in the cheerleaders. They were much improved over last year.

Of course, there was also some football going on. We only stayed through the band’s half time show so I don’t even know the outcome of the game.

The half-time show.

Austin our band-guy and the reason we go to high school football games.

Most weeks Ellie will be writing a letter in her composition book and bringing it home to us. She loves it if I write her back in her book. Here is what she wrote after the first week of school:

“Dear Mom and Dad,

We voted on our class

name. Guess what it (is)?

It was the first week of


My best memor(y) is





(note: TTFN stands for “ta ta for now”)

Last Tuesday was the first day of school for my three children still at home and for my one at college. Both my girls were going back to the same teacher they had the previous year. Actually for Anna it’s her 5th year with the same teacher (she moved from being an upper elementary teacher to the middle school class). I think the girls were mostly excited to see their friends. Ellie was the first one ready to go.

Ellie insisted that her sister help her pick out the perfect outfit to start second grade.

Ellie and her Daddy.

Ellie and Mommy.

Next up was Anna. She seemed much less concerned about what she was going to wear this year (a sign of maturity), but still managed to look awesome.

Anna the eighth grader.

Anna & Ellie. I love that they have to opportunity to attend the same school at least for this last year. It’s nice knowing Ellie has her big sister just right upstairs to look out for her.

Mom & Anna.

At the bus stop: Anna and her good friend, Ali. These two have known each other since the first grade. Hard to believe it’s their last year at the school.

Off to school on the bus.

Although Austin usually leaves earlier than the girls,this first day the upper classmen didn’t have to start until 11! He did leave a bit earlier than that to go out to breakfast with his friend, Teddy.

Austin my sophomore.