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Brandon made a short visit home two weeks ago. He stayed at his mom’s one night so he could see the puppies.

Aren’t they adorable.

The next afternoon Brandon, Kaley, Austin and Jeff played disc golf (it was Kaley’s first time) and then we had dinner together before Brandon and Kaley spent the evening dancing.

Brandon and Kaley were nice to spend some time playing with Ellie before they went out. Although his visit was brief, it was still nice to have him around again.


After a party for one of Ellie’s neighborhood friends she came home with this elaborate face painting and balloon sculpture. There was also a magic show and crafts I’m told. Must have been a good party!

Ellie’s favorite bible verse is John 3:16. She spent time recently writing it out on a scroll for herself.

Two weeks ago my husband was recognized for his 20 years of service to his company. It was an opportunity for us to get a bit dressed up and enjoy a fancy dinner. Don’t we make a cute couple?

I loved this photo of Ellie just “hanging on” to her Dad. It was taken during out recent trip to Duluth. She is getting so big now that she is 7 that soon her Daddy will not be able to carry like this. Enjoy being little for just awhile longer my girl.

We have been blessed at all the home games so far this season with wonderful weather. Here are the lovely ladies that performed this week:

We performed to “Moves Like Jagger” which was a crowd favorite:

I created a series of two-page layouts to document our trip up north.

UMD College Life:

Gooseberry Falls:

Canal Park:


After enjoying the morning hiking around Gooseberry Falls, we headed back to Duluth, picked up Brandon and went to Canal Park for the afternoon. It’s a great place to look at the boats and ships, eat, shop and people watch.

Watching the activity on the water.

Canal Park is famous for the Lift Bridge. We arrived in time for the raising of the bridge to let a large ore ship out to the open water of Lake Superior.

Standing directly under the Lift Bridge as it is lowered, Ellie wasn’t so sure that she wouldn’t be squished.

Aren’t we a cute couple. I wonder how many pictures we have like this from other years with the Lift Bridge in the background?

Our little darling at the Canal.

Our college kid in his new town.

Our beautiful daughter overlooking the beautiful City of Duluth.

The family.

Ellie enjoying the ride. It won’t be too much longer that Daddy will be able to carry her.

Throwing rocks in the lake.

Jeff giving advice for picking out the perfect skipping rock.

The men hanging out (as shot from the hip).

Another photograph shot from the hip, but I still like the line of her body.

Love her cute feet.

Ellie had a blast feeding and chasing the gulls.

You won’t see this too often– a grown middle-aged woman doing cartwheels in public…but the family dared me to.

Gooseberry Falls is a favorite stop among Minnesotans. As it’s name implies there are waterfalls. There are also lots of rock to climb over as you cross the river, trails to hike and just places to sit and enjoy the beauty.

After our dinner with Brandon in Duluth the night before we headed north into Two Harbors to our hotel and some swimming. Gooseberry was only a short drive away the next morning.

Jeff and Ellie crossing to the other side of the river.

Posing by the middle falls.

The view from the top of the middle falls.

Cautiously exploring the river before it cascades over the falls.

Gotta love this girl.

A quiet spot just below the upper falls…just starting to show a bit of fall color.



The trail.

After a month at college it was time for a visit to check up on our oldest. Brandon is a freshman at the University of Minnesota Duluth. From all signs he is loving the college life. But it’s good to let him know we still miss him.

Ellie checks out Brandon’s bottom bunk.

Jeff and Anna check out the “spacious” dorm room…a place for everything.

Jeff with his oldest and youngest. I think the concept of “college” is still hard to grasp for Ellie. But she loved seeing her big brother!

The kids in the dorm room. (Austin stayed home for the weekend since he had just been to Duluth to move his brother in.)

Brandon’s view of campus and Lake Superior.

Ellie wanted this car. After all what little girl doesn’t like “Hello Kitty”?! Not sure what someone of driving age would want with a car like this.

The library.

Anna checking out a college classroom and getting a view of things to come.

Brandon showing us one of his lecture halls.

I think Jeff really likes the bulldogs!

On campus with my girls.

After our tour of campus we treated Brandon and the family to a special dinner at the restaurant at the top of the Radisson Hotel downtown.  With windows all around the revolving floor takes you on a slow tour of both the town and the harbor areas.

Jeff, Brandon and Ellie.

Jeff and Brandon both ordered the filet mingon. Ellie got to eat part of Jeff’s. She kept saying that it was the best steak she’s ever had. I’m sure it was my girl!

Me and Anna. She got a salad and crab cakes for dinner. I ordered the pecan-crusted walleye. Both were excellent.

As I mentioned we were at a revolving restaurant so it makes the following incident even more incredible. Just as we were completing our meal, Jeff gets up and starts talking to this group of people. I finally recognized¬† Jeff’s Uncle LaVerne. It turns out they had been visiting along the North Shore hoping to see some fall colors (unfortunately there wasn’t much yet). They live in southern Minnesota. They had no idea we were in Duluth either. It was nice to say “hi” to family. We also find out later that a different cousin and her family were actually staying that that hotel over the same weekend.

What’s up with the cars in this town? Ellie spotted this zebra stripped model as we were leaving the restaurant.