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Wow–week 26 already and that means that 1/2 a year has gone by since I’ve started this project. One photograph a week has been an acheivable goal for me. I know some friends that are doing a photograph a day or a 365-project–I admire their dedication.

We spent the last weekend at the cabin and Ellie tried tubing for the first time. She got on our big two-person tube with her Daddy.  At first there was a nervous anticipation, but once she got going (slowly of course) she wanted to go a bit faster (at least for a while) until that made her a little nervous again and so we slowed down. Ellie got the first turn before we got crazy with the waves and turns pulling her big brothers (they like a little excitement). The photo of the week is Ellie and her Daddy on her first tube ride:



On a trip to the cabin a few weeks ago, Ellie and I visited the post office to clean out the mailbox for Grandma Jolene. Ellie was facinated by the mosiac fish that is featured on the outside of the building. She loved how all the little tiles were placed together in different color arrangements to make the fish (actually a tiger muskie).


I told her that she could make something similar using paper pieces instead of tiles. She made her fish mosiac for her Daddy’s father’s day present. She was very careful to arrange the colored pieces of paper on her fish so you could see the different parts.  Of course her fish needed googly eyes too. Her Daddy loved it.


week-25-grandpabran-webFather’s Day celebrating with my father-in-law, Earl. Brandon had drawn this portrait of his grandpa from a picture. He did such an awesome job. Grandpa was thrilled to get this gift.

Ok, so I repurposed a layout to use for this bi-weekly challenge. It’s been a busy month with all the challenges and weekends at the cabin. I did take the time to photographically document my first weekend (which happened to be Memorial Day weekend) at the cabin. I am still working on the layouts from that trip–hope to get them done while on yet another trip to the cabin this weekend. No internet connection so I shouldn’t be too distracted (at least by my compy). There is always the beautiful lake to distract me however. You will probably reconize this one from the previous post, but I liked it.


Lots more great challenges and seven more layouts completed in week three of the challenge.

Day 15: Street Strut (featuring an snowy night scene downtown–since I live in a small town I actually just stopped in the middle of the intersection and rolled down the window for this shot taken last December)


Day 16: Template Challenge (I love these photos of the two of us from a recent trip to the local park)


Day 17: Photos Galore (using at least 3 photos, I used 17 here in my 2-page monthly highlights for Ellie’s 4 year old book–hey now I’m only a month behind in her book!)

april09 copy web

Day 18: Go For the Goal (create a layout of a goal that you are working towards or one that has been achieved. Earlier this month I recieved the NSPE Fellow Award. It was presented to me at the Annual MSPE meeting.)


Day 19: Flower Power (this one was in my woods earlier this month)


Day 20: Fonts & Fotos (journal in the white space of a photo) Ellie’s first attempt at ice skating last December.


Day 21: Go Green (use a black and white photo and green papers/elements). My little princess all serious–not her usual look.




This week is the second birthday bash/celebration at Here is me in my party hat:


and don’t forget to sign up for the new photo effects class that is free if you sign up this week:


I highly recommend this class and what have you got to loose–it’s FREE (I think I said that already). Everything I have ever taken from this lady has been awesome. She does a great job teaching. See you in class.

The daily challenges this month at have been awesome. I’ve enjoyed being stretched a little and pushed to get this done. Week 2 had these challenges:

Day 8: Template challenge (after a whole week of challenging work they eased up on us). I used a photo of Anna and myself taken as part of the MVC Jr. Cheer camp partner dance.


Day 9: Patterns (use only one solid paper and not less than 3 patterned papers). A recent photograph of hubby at the park.


Day 10: Beautiful Accident (for me that was finding the house that we now call our home)


Day 11: I’ve got your number (use numbers in a big way). My oldest stepson is now 16. I remember being 16–was it really that long ago?


Day 12: June love, love June (capture a special loving moment with your spouse–like at your wedding). It was good to spend time looking at our wedding pictures again–it brings back such loving feelings. We should really make a point of remembering why we are married to each other on a regular basis.


Day 13: Trip down memory lane (share a childhood memory). I had these photographs with my greatgrandparents that I’d never scrapped. I love the old television in the background. I’m sure it was a black and white set.


Day 14: Here’s to you (a tribute to someone special). With all this scrapping going on I had to blame/give credit to Jessica Sprague. I was in her first beta-digi scrapping class two years ago (and have taken more since). Last summer some of us got together for the first ever “spragfest” in Chicago where we all got hugs in person from our digi-friends.


Just completed week 3 so I’ll post that soon.

Just a little bit behind in posting again. We got to spend another weekend at the cabin where I capture this shot of my husband and his boys:



This week included the last day of school for the three big kids. Brandon completed his first year of high school (10th grade) and will be moving to the newly built high school in the fall. Should be fun for him to have an all new building and new classrooms. Austin finished 7th grade and will continue at the middle school next year. Needs to work on the motivation, but there’s always next year. Anna had a great year in fifth grade and will be in the same class with the same teachers in the fall. Her school does 4th-6th grades together. This week’s photo is of Anna and some of her friends:


For the entire month of June is hosting daily challenges to both inspire creativity and to get some layouts done. So far I’ve been successful on both counts. Here is what I’ve accomplished during the first week:

Day 1: 5 things I love about summer


Day 2: use photo(s) cropped to show only part of the photo


Day 3: ME


Day 4: scraplift one of Jessica’s layouts featured in CT2


Day 5: color dare (use colors that you don’t usually scrap with). I picked orange since I’m not too fond of the color except when it’s for pumpkins.


Day 6: create a layout based on the quote “home is where the heart is”


Day 7: Got Milk? (June is dairy month)