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It was a cold morning the Sunday before Thanksgiving and it was the one day of the season that the All Stars were scheduled to appear on the plaza before the game. It was also the day after our first snowfall. After getting myself mostly ready (my A-team was also scheduled to perform on the plaza) and then finding out that due to the cold the old ladies were staying home. At least the rest of my team stayed home where it was warm. I still had to go out with Anna. I put on some warmer clothes and grabbed a blanket then headed downtown. And it was cold!

The MVC All Star Purple team on the plaza. (Anna’s in the middle.)

Kicks were kept down a bit so as not to get injured in the cold.

Poms in the slush on purpose…really.

Dancing up a storm.

I think the move after this the slush went flying from their shoes into the crowd. The little girls in front of me loved that.

Still smiling despite the cold.

Anna and a friend.

Another friend and old teammate was a pleasant surprise to see.

Do we look cold?

Here is the team performing: