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Ellie was in my office last night. She took one of the calculators off my desk and just started playing with it while I continued to work on the computer. A few minutes later she showed me this:


A few weeks ago she was shown her name like this on a calculator by her brother and sister, but all she knew was that it could be done. She figured out the right numbers and sequence to do this by herself. I should note that Ellie is 4 1/2. This girl comes up with solutions to just about everything.


My Dad, Papa Lee to the kids, and his wife stopped by for a visit last weekend. They were in town so Dad could do a bicycle ride with my brother. Dad and Jolene had presents for the kids from their recent trip to New Zealand and Australia. I wish I spoke a little New Zealand English so I wouldn’t stumble so badly over the words in one of the books they brought back for Ellie called, “The Girls in the Kapahaka”. Here’s what I mean:

“This is the whanau who clapped and cheered for the boys with their taiaha and the girls with their poi who sang the songs that the kaiako taught, who wore the piupiu that swished and swirled, made from the flax that Koro cut, that the mussle shell scraped, that the kuia made, that swung from the hips of the girls in the kapahaka.”

At least my pronunciations make Ellie laugh–maybe that’s why she’s made me read it almost every night since she got the book.  My picture of the week is Papa Lee with the girls.



Frisbee golf with the hubby.


Jeff took the afternoon off and suggested we go play. He’s been a few times with the boys, but until then I had never tried it. There are different weighted discs that are used as “drivers” and “putters” (just like in golf, not that I play that either). And the object is to get your frisbee disc in the basket in the fewest number of throws. Not sure whether it was the game, hiking through the woods as part of the course or just being able to spend time together or maybe a little of all the above, but it was fun.

Ever since moving into this house 7 years ago (actually signed the agreement on April 15th–always remember that since it’s tax day), we have the tradition of doing the annual Easter egg hunt in our back woods. This year it was done in two parts. The first on Easter morning with Ellie and Austin (probably his last year now that he is officially a teenager) and the second a few days later for Anna (since she was at her Dad’s house this year for Easter).


It sure beat last year’s egg hunt in the snow. Yes snow, really, even the snowmen got into the act. See for yourself:


After a wonderful service at church, we joined my inlaws at grandma and grandpa’s house. It was such a beautiful day that we spent most of the afternoon outside.


easter09ggright-webNow that the Easter celebration has come and gone, it is finally beginning to feel like spring around here. I’ve even been on the bicycle a few times. Boy that feels good again (except for the sore butt).


Easter, the perfect time to remember God’s gift of life to us. The girls prepared this past week by first participating in this Palm Sunday song:

That afternoon we colored our Easter Eggs, an activity that always creates a mess.


Anna also participated this week in a drama retelling Christ’s teachings as part of a basketball team playoff called, “Get Your Heart In the Game”. She was a cheerleader for the God Squad. Here are some pictures:


And finally, a clip of some of the cheer highlights from the drama:


Late in posting this but with a week that included two sick kids and getting the taxes done there wasn’t much time to do anything else. We woke up on April Fools day to more SNOW. You think we’d be use to it here in Minnesota, but once the calendar says “spring” we just keep hoping that it will be true and true soon. But Ellie and I made the best of it by once again putting on the snow gear and heading outside with the sled. My husband and Ellie have been sledding through the woods (and I do mean through, dodging trees kind of action). I naturally have always been a bit nervous to try it. But with Ellie’s insisting and her instructions to keep my feet out so we can stop quick and not run into any trees I did it. A little danger was a bit thrilling I’ll have to admit. Here we are:


Here you can see our path through the trees:


Then of course, we had to make what will hopefully be the last snowmen of the season:



And since it was April fool’s day I have to share how Ellie got her dad. Our kitchen has a vaulted ceiling with overhead track floodlights. One of the lights was burned out and in order for Jeff to change the light he needs to stand up on the kitchen island. Jeff climbed up and changed the floodlight and there was light once again in the kitchen. Just as he is climbing down off the island the light goes out. Jeff, thinking that he didn’t tighten the bulb enough stands up and touches the light. It goes on. Jeff starts to climb down again and the light goes off again. Jeff stands up to check the light again. About this time I walk into the room to see Ellie standing by the light switch and holding in a giggle. She had perfect timing using the light switch to get her dad–quite clever of her. Dad thought it was pretty funny! This was the first time she really “got” him.

My beautiful and vivacious London friend, Veevs, continues to host photographic texture challenges for us. It’s amazing how many artistic variations of the same photograph the group can create. Here’s mine:


And here is a link to Veevs site so you can check out more awesome photographic art: