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First time at the cabin for the summer was over the recent Memorial Day weekend. Ellie and I went up early with my brother Dan and his family coming later that same night along with Jeff and Austin. Hubby and son only could stay until Sunday since Jeff had to work on Monday (yea I know it was a holiday–but not for him) and Austin was in a parade. We had fun fishing, hanging out at the beach, playing games and just being with family. The only bad thing was that Ellie got a nasty flu bug on Sunday afternoon after Jeff left. I sat with her all the rest of the day and all night. Not a good way to end a the weekend (we were both tired). She finally was feeling better by Monday afternoon so we were able to head home. Here are the highlights:


I have continued taking photographs every week, I’ve just been really bad at posting. So here is an update starting back the second week of May:

Week 19:

It was Mother’s Day. It was Grandma Penny’s birthday. It was a priceless expression of joy captured on Pen’s face after blowing out her candles with her youngest grandchild.

Week 20:

Austin’s band concert. His last at the middle school.

Week 21:

Another week, another band concert. This time for Anna. I loved how the guys behind her provided additional context.

Week 22:

Memorial Day weekend at the cabin. It doesn’t get much better than this. I loved the interaction I was able to capture.

Week 23:

Another weekend up north. A round of mini-golf in-between the rain.

More to come.

I did promise a post about Anna’s last concert of the year. She was in more than half of the numbers since she participates in the choir, the Finale band and also the Jazz band. You will notice she is sporting a sparking bandaid to go along with her sparkling outfit. The morning of the concert she got a tetanus shot. This was needed due to the fact that she got a nasty cut between her second and third toes from a bench in the locker room of a waterpark a few days earlier. It probably should of had stitches, but since she was at her Dad’s house I didn’t get to see it for a few days. So we kept it clean and bandaged, put her on antibiotics, let her use crutches to keep the weight off the foot and made her get her tetanus shot a few months early (shots are needed before school starts in the fall). Anyway, she got lots of compliments on her “coordinating” bandaging. Anna also had the honor of choreographing a little dance number to go along with one of the choir songs. Being on crutches prevented her from dancing, but the director gave her all the credit and it was a wonderful touch to the song.

Here is a selection from “Disney Dazzle” in which Anna sings in a small group part:

Next is their flute ensemble (featuring: Sammie, Elisa, Anna and Carol) performing “Somewhere”:

And finally her favorite song in Jazz Band, “Chattanooga Choo Choo”:

Lots of photos to highlight the evening too. Afterwards we had planned to go to the local DQ to celebrate, but it was so crowed we ended up at Culver’s instead. Her director, Ann, and her family showed up as we were leaving. Ann’s dad was also with them and it turns out that Ann’s dad was friends with Anna’s Grandpa Don and Grandma Carol from law school days. Small world kind of stuff.  He was happy to meet Don’s granddaughter.

I’m one of many many fans of the Pioneer Woman blog site. I drool over her cooking, love her photography tips and I almost (I did say almost) want to hop on a horse with her kids and explore the ranch. I’ve never entered one of her photography contests before, but this week the topic was “BUGS” and I had a great shot from last summer that I knew I had to enter.

Just got her recent blog feed for today and my photo was selected as one of the finalists for Group 2. Yippee me!

See Pioneer Woman BUGs

to check them all out.

It has been awhile since I posted pages from her book. (And to tell the truth I just completed the past two months this week).





One project caught up…many more to go.

I know it’s the middle of June. I know that school finally got out this past Thursday and I still haven’t reported on many recent school events (there seem to be so many this time of year). I know I’m a bad blogger for getting behind (again). But I do have some fun layouts to share documenting three events that took place last month.

The first was a combination Spanish Class and Music Class performance that included acting, dancing, singing and presentations by Anna’s class. Ellie and I attended along with Anna’s Grandma Carol who recently returned to Minnesota.  For the Spanish portion of the show, Anna danced and was also “Chicken Little” in a play. Her chicken costume was courtesy of her sister (her favorite bath towel). In music Anna and her friends sang and danced to “Don’t Stop Believing”. It was the song these same girls were singing and dancing to on the big screen at the Twin’s baseball game back in April. I think it’s become their theme song.

I love seeing my girl perform. She really has a passion for it that shows.

The same week the class decided to have a “Minnesota Sport’s Team” Day where the students could dress in their favorite team gear. Of course, Anna’s favorite Minnesota team is the Vikings. Go Vikes!

Ellie’s big event for May was her dance recital. She was a tap dancing elephant in a performance of “The Jungle Book”. The show as held at her big brother’s school. It was her second recital. Last year she spent most of her song looking up at the lights. Last year she fell down (more than once). Last year she kicked off her shoe. Last year she got distracted during the exit and got cut off by the big kids entering the stage (she figured it out and got a chuckle from the audience). This year she actually danced most of the routine. This year she didn’t fall down or loose her shoes. This year she looked like she knew what she was doing. This year she looked like she was having fun. This year she knew she was a dancer.

I love my little elephant.

(Only one more concert and the end of the year Medallion ceremony to report on to complete the school year–more later.)

I love dance and I love type (you should see how many fonts I have on my computer–I’m afraid to count)–so I loved this:

Dancing Typography

Continuing with my two week delay in reporting, Austin had his last band concert as a middle schooler two weeks ago. The concert was early in the evening and was planned to run only 15 minutes. Both his Dad and Mom were just getting off work at that time and wouldn’t be able to make it. I was excited to attend since this would be the only time this year that I had the opportunity. He didn’t seem to mind having his stepmom there. The four songs they played were good. I especially liked the number that their band director, Mr. Songer composed. Here is part of it:

I also got a few photographs of Austin in action. I don’t usually get too many photos of him so I was thrilled to be able to make a layout that featured just him.