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Happy Halloween! Spent the morning carving the pumpkins before sending Anna off to school. Ellie modeled the eye and the mouth of her pumpkin. She drew the face and Daddy carved the pumpkin. The boys are just too old for this sort of thing now that they are teens. Anna will dress as a disco girl and Ellie plans on being a princess. The weather report looks good (maybe I better buy some more candy–leftovers are always good). Our neighborhood has an abundance of kids, so they will be out in full force.


Me first, me first, because I’m a lady.

You’re not a lady, you’re ‘nothin’ but a SISTER! (from the movie, Aristocats)

Well the sisters are first (at least in this blog) because they are my little ladies. (scroll down to previous post to see the questions)

Anna’s answers:

  1. my stuffed dog, Taffy (she’s had since age 1)
  2. my own bedroom
  3. Rome, Hawaii & any other place I’ve never been that you don’t need shots (I’m afraid she’d just like mom on this shot thing)
  4. chicken
  5. Christmas
  6. writing

Ellie’s responses:

  1. carebear & doodle bear
  2. pink poodles blanket (previously seen in this blog as a tree skirt)
  3. Grammie’s house
  4. mac & cheese
  5. Christmas & Halloween
  6. play by myself (mom laughs because she ALWAYS want someone to play with and the few minutes she does play by herself we are highly praising right now hoping she’ll learn to do more)


Six questions I asked my family:

  1. The best gift I ever received was….
  2. I’d be lost without my….
  3. I’d love to visit….
  4. I could eat….everyday
  5. My favorite holiday is…
  6. It’s easy for me to….

No surprises from my hubby.

Jeff’s responses:

  1. the gift of life
  2. bible
  3. Hawaii
  4. grapefruit
  5. Christmas
  6. talk one on one

My answers:

  1. my cameras
  2. computer (you could’ve guessed that one!)
  3. Iceland
  4. chocolate
  5. Christmas
  6. learn new things

Three of the four kids have reported their answers–stay tuned!

…at least that’s what she said. It’s not even Halloween yet and the little Christmas tree is decorated in 4 year-old little girl style: bears, dolls and unicorns. Her favorite pink poodles blanket is used as the tree skirt–until bedtime. At least there’s a pumpkin as part of the decorations (thanks to our ‘nother Grandpa Bill here in town), so Merry Halloween-mas!

On a side note: there has been SNOW! Yes–I said the “S” word. Just yesterday at the pumpkin patch it was in the low 60’s and today SNOW! I guess it should be expected around here. And we are ready already as you can see. I hope she doesn’t expect any presents under her tree until December 25th.

Hubby and daughter start planning the annual trip to the pumpkin patch as soon as they start to see the pumpkins forming on the vines in the fields as they pass by on their way to work/daycare. That means this pumpkin patch outing is months in the making as they watch the pumpkins grow and ripen. Daughter insists on wearing her orange pumpkin shirt (she has to dress for the occasion). She checks them over, looking for “just the right one”. At least she doesn’t try to pick the largest pumpkin in the field.  We get one for big sister and none for big brothers (they’re teenagers and that about says it all).

It’s so easy to focus on the pumpkins and the costumes and the CANDY (did I mention I love chocolate?). I found this last year and loved the message:

P is for the people that Jesus came to save.

U is for the unconditional love to each one He gave.

M is for the message that we should all be sharing.

P is for the priceless gift God above showed he is caring.

K is for the King of Kings.

I is for the Insight He brings.

N is for the nails in His hands.

S is for our Saviour who gave his life so that we could stand. So when you see a pumpkin, don’t think about some guy named Jack. Instead remember Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, who is one day coming back.

One week in my life capturing the daily rountines, the daily busyness, the daily moments that make up my life. Inspiration for this project came from Ms. Ali Edwards, scrapbooker, life-artist extrodinare from her blog. It is a wonderful reminder that I am blessed with goodness from God.