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All year long I walk Ellie and Anna up to the bus stop at the end of our street. I suppose I wouldn’t really need to on the days Anna is at our house, but I enjoy the time with the girls. During the last week of school I took this picture of Ellie while she was waiting.

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Just lately it has finally been warm enough to wear the tank tops and shorts. Ellie loves having her hair up in ponytails. The kiddie pools and sprinklers have been in use and the air conditioning has been turned on.

There have been many sleepovers–too many to count. One recent one for Anna brought her good friend and former neighbor, Allyson, to our home. The two big girls were nice and gave Ellie a makeover. I captured the work in progress.

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I am so blessed to have such a smiley girl in my life. Yes, she does have her moments like we all do, but her smile and snuggles always brighten my day.

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To keep Ellie entertained on some car trips I let her have the point and shoot camera in the backseat. Here’s what she did last time!

Memorial Day weekend it was just me and my girls at Papa’s Cabin.

“It was a girls weekend at the cabin. We biked to Nevis to visit the fish and play in the park. We biked to Dorset to eat breakfast at La Pasta. We shopped. We watched movies. We took walks. We did makeovers.”

For the second year the MVC All Stars and a few MVC themselves participated in the Albertville Friendly Days parade. This year the group was quite a bit closer to the front which made the afternoon go much faster. It was a bit cool while the girls were waiting in the line up so they huddled around the truck, but once they got going the weather was wonderful. Lots of princesses and even the crash test dummies came by to greet the girls. Ellie and I watched part of the parade until their unit came by, then we joined in with the other parents and family members that trailed along behind.


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a freebie so I thought you all deserved one in honor of  Father’s Day here in the U.S. My Dad is off fishing in Canada and I am spending time with my family at the cabin.

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It’s true, our oldest, Brandon, graduated with the first class at CNHS last Friday night.

Class of 2011. That in itself was enough to make me feel old (OK, maybe nostalgic)  being from the class of 1981 myself 30 years ago.

The entire class had a 2 hour practice earlier in the day to prepare for the ceremony. Brandon came home saying that they are taking all the fun out of graduation. But as predicted, it was fun again once the actual event got underway.

The graduates have all filed in. The ceremony was held at a nearby church that could easily hold all the students and as many guests without limit.  Brandon had 12 family members attending to cheer him on.

The “Symphonic Winds” concert band (Brandon had been a member of this band) performed as the graduates marched in.

The concert choir sang.

The graduates enjoy the ceremony. We are sitting somewhere in the back.

Those in attendance were the first to meet the school’s new mascot, “Thunder”.

One of Brandon’s best friends, David, spoke about learning from mistakes. He was one of two student speakers at the graduation. David was the first friend Brandon meet in the neighborhood when we moved in 9 years ago.

Our graduate!

Time to celebrate!

Proud family!

This was the first time I had two of my children participating in the annual Medallion Ceremony that was held last Wednesday. The first year of attendance each child gets a medallion with a grade-specific colored ribbon. Each subsequent year they attend a different colored ribbon gets attached before the medallion is presented to them.  This was Ellie’s first year and Anna’s seventh year at the school, so with one in the lower elementary and one in middle school I had kids in 2 of the 7 classrooms. It’s a small school. The ceremony is held in the school’s backyard and once again we were blessed with wonderful 80-degree weather (the day before was a record setting 103 degrees).  Each class has a turn up front where the medallions are presented individually. Then each class has the opportunity to do “something”. Ellie’s class decided to show off some of their work. Ellie help up a sheet full of big number subtraction problems she had been working on. She was uncomfortable using the microphone so a classmate introduced her and her work. You could tell she was so proud.

Anna’s middle school class being the oldest at the school went last. As teens they aren’t so much into the tradition of the medallion ceremony, but they did seem to have fun anyway.

After the ceremony the kids all get popsicles. Then it was time to load up all their stuff they’ve cleaned out of their lockers and bins. I haven’t finished sorting through their previous year’s work yet. Guess that will be one of my summer projects. They had one more day of school after the ceremony. Anna’s class elected to spend the day at a local shopping mall where they did do some shopping and also saw a movie. Ellie’s class had a fun day at the school.