It’s true, our oldest, Brandon, graduated with the first class at CNHS last Friday night.

Class of 2011. That in itself was enough to make me feel old (OK, maybe nostalgic)  being from the class of 1981 myself 30 years ago.

The entire class had a 2 hour practice earlier in the day to prepare for the ceremony. Brandon came home saying that they are taking all the fun out of graduation. But as predicted, it was fun again once the actual event got underway.

The graduates have all filed in. The ceremony was held at a nearby church that could easily hold all the students and as many guests without limit.  Brandon had 12 family members attending to cheer him on.

The “Symphonic Winds” concert band (Brandon had been a member of this band) performed as the graduates marched in.

The concert choir sang.

The graduates enjoy the ceremony. We are sitting somewhere in the back.

Those in attendance were the first to meet the school’s new mascot, “Thunder”.

One of Brandon’s best friends, David, spoke about learning from mistakes. He was one of two student speakers at the graduation. David was the first friend Brandon meet in the neighborhood when we moved in 9 years ago.

Our graduate!

Time to celebrate!

Proud family!