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Wow! It’s been almost two weeks since Anna performed in the musical “Under God’s Sea in 3D” at her Dad’s church. Since it was a special performance the whole family decided to attend the service with her for the day. That girl of mine does love performing. I love all the energy she puts into her performances, and that smile melts a mom’s heart. Here are a few highlights from the musical numbers:

“Going Under the Sea”

“The Test with Dive” (solo by Anna)

“Joyful Noise”

“”Finale Medley”


I did manage to get a few layouts done last week.

I captured a sweet moment of Ellie and her favorite toy “Pink” that was clearly precious.

This next one features a photograph that was one of my photos of the week back in February that I just wasn’t sure how to scrap until I saw these colorful papers by Amanda Rockwell.

And the last one I completed shows Ellie practicing at dance class. She has been in a Kindergarten ballet and tap class that she has loved. Her recital was just last night (I’ll post about that soon). These are pictures from February.

Only a week ago it was Mother’s Day. I’ve been blessed to be “mom” to 4 kids: 2 boys and 2 girls. My husband, Jeff, knowing that I have to share my day with his mom he treated me with a date night on Saturday. He took me to a new restaurant in town. The food was great and we saw our favorite waiter from a now closed restaurant that we use to frequent. I’m sure we’ll be back.

Ellie made me two cards: one at school and one from the wildflowers she collected in our woods and pressed in her new flower press.

What was really special was that she wrote her own message inside all by herself:

Then Ellie and Jeff presented me with Mother’s Day brownies they had made together. We each had one for breakfast (hey–it was a special day). Who could resist brownies with frosting and sprinkles?

My multi-talented older daughter, Anna, made jewelry for me. I love the color and the cross. She even wrapped the bottom and the top of the box separately so I could keep the box.

Already showed one photo of my youngest. Here are my other three. I love you all and I love being your Mom (and stepmom).

Ellie has continued to turn the bathtub into her personal beach complete with all the toys including goggles and snorkel.

All the papers are from my latest FREEBIE (see previous post).

After last week’s worth of exciting challenges at, I was anxiously awaiting today’s challenge (since they are back to weekly challenges). Instead of getting a layout done, I made a FREEBIE for you that will help you get this challenge done.

Here is the challenge.

And this is for you:

(sorry download has EXPIRED)

Now to work on the challenge….

Anna participated in only her second dance solo last Friday night. She choose to perform in the HipHop category. She choreographed almost all her own routine only asking for help with about 4 of the 8-counts. Here she is after we checked her in backstage just prior to the start of the competition:

And here she is in action:

You can watch for yourself here:

The Friday awards were not scheduled to start until 10:30 pm. Yes you read that correctly 10:30 at night. We were not required to stay. Anna checked in the next day to pick up her score sheets and discovered that she was awarded Second place. She was so proud of her trophy that she brought it to class yesterday. I’m proud of you too my girl!

I am proud to say that I completed each of the seven days of challenges for

Day 6 Challenge-stairs (ok so mine were hidden under floodwaters–I took creative license to interpret the challenge):

Day 7 Challenge-card template (which was so perfect yesterday morning since I sat down at the computer to make my mother-in-law a birthday card for her 75th birthday):

With all the excitement and work associated with the Little Dreamer Apprentice program, my postings of my weekly photos was sadly neglected.

Week 15: Austin made pretzels. They weren’t too bad.

Week 16: Anna’s class went to the Twin’s game in their new stadium. The Twin’s lost, but it was fun to be there with Anna and her friends.

Week 17: I finally made a “Fifth Friday Lunch” of the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineer’s Past Presidents group (it had been almost 2 years since I last attended). All of these men (except for the one on the right) and I have been past State Presidents for MSPE. The one on the right was our long-time and now retired executive director. Also of note is being able to eat outside in Minnesota in April.

Week 18: Prom

I just wanted to thank all my friends for all your support and encouragment as I tested the design waters as part of the Little Dreamer Apprentice program. I was cut this week from moving on to the 5th and final round. I got a lot farther than I ever dreamed since designing is so new to me. All your kind words left in the commments, your downloads of my kits and your layouts made with my stuff blessed me more than I can put words to here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Get my freebie (sorry download has EXPIRED).