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Turning 7 meant that Ellie could have a “friend’s” birthday party. She invited only her girlfriends because she didn’t think that the boys would be comfortable at a pink tea party. (She made the point to remind me that the boys we discussed were “friends” not “boyfriends”) We made a fancy table for her guests that included pink plates, doilly placemats, real glass mugs and a flower teapot.  Jeff and I found the glass mugs at a garage sale and the teapot at the Goodwill store. The teapot held pink lemonade since Ellie said she didn’t like tea. She invited friends from school, church and the neighborhood. Grace, Taylin, Zoya, Delaney and Madison joined in the party fun. We played games, made treasure-box necklaces with ribbons and flowers, opened presents and ate cake and ice cream.





The “Go Fish” Vacation Bible School this summer was a hit! Ellie’s group was “The Roadies”. The songs were fantastic (we’re still singing them)!

One of Ellie’s favorites was Stories.

Another was The 10 Commandment Boogie.

Ellie thought her shirt was not very girly, so I added a bit of “sparkle”. She loved it (so did some of her leaders).  Each night there was singing and dancing with the Go Fish guys (on video), stories, bible verses, puppet shows, drum lessons, snacks and games. It was an awesome week for the kids.

The parents got a taste of the week during the following Sunday’s morning worship service–it was lead by all the kids and the Go Fish songs.

I’ve been missing my daughter, Anna, ever since she left on Tuesday morning with her Dad’s family for an east coast vacation. This is for you, my beautiful daughter. You are beautiful in every way, inside and out. Love you with all my heart.



The first weekend of August is our County Fair. We missed it last year and well, we missed it. Ellie, Anna and I headed out in the morning shortly after the fair opened and started by touring the animal barns. Ellie made friends with some baby calves and loved feeding the llamas. We laughed when the camel tried to get his own food out of the machine.  Then we all had a lesson on CPR and Anna and I got to practice our new skills. Ellie discovered that she likes chemistry. She tested many local lake water samples for phosphorus. By then we were hungry so we sampled many of the food vendors while looking through more of the exhibits. The midway area opened after lunch and we were in luck since the afternoon rides were all 2 for 1! Ellie was so pleased to learn that she could go on many of the rides but not the big ones yet. I was brave enough for the ferris wheel, but after that I let the girls go together. Anna was a great big sister showing Ellie all the fun rides. I did let Anna go on one of the big rides by herself since she was such a help.


Couldn’t resist using my latest posted photo of Ellie having such fun with her new “Slip and Slide”!

A slip and slide, of course!

I love my husband, Jeff!

I also have to brag on my digi-friend, Heather T for creating what she is calling “Double Masks”. I used one of these on my photo and the background brushes on this layout. These beautiful clipping masks are in 2 layers for added versatility. Get them at Mscraps

Last week Funky Minds hosted two young ladies from Nepal who shared stories and photos from their native country. We learned that will Nepal is a bit smaller than our Minnesota, they have about 6 times as many people and over 37 different languages. In fact these two women did not speak each other’s native language. They both knew the national language of Napalise, Hindi and English. I had seen photographs of the mountainous region of the county being famous for the Himalayas and many of the worlds tallest peaks, but I was amazed at the beauty of the hill-county regions and many lakes. After their talk brought out some henna dye for tattoos. These types of tattoos are common for brides in their country. Ellie had to ask if these “tattoos” were the bad kind with needles. They created beautiful designs.

Even Anna and Katie were willing participants.

Ellie gets a henna tattoo.

The MVC All Stars had another parade appearance about a week ago. It turned out to be a beautiful evening in St. Anthony. About half of Anna’s purple team was there and she really enjoyed getting together with the girls. The team was excited as the parade was about to start. Ellie and I sat with another mom from of one of the All Stars near the end of the parade. Some of the units were out of candy by the time they got to us, but most were just trying to get rid of what they had left over before the end about a block away. Ellie collected lots of candy, some bubbles, a pair of star sunglasses, a t-shirt from Goldy Gopher, and a huge stuffed puppy dog. Towards the end Anna’s dad found us which was good since that’s where Anna knew we were. Anna took off with her Dad’s family for the cabin. On the way home Ellie managed to change into her new t-shirt (while still buckled in) which fit her like a night gown. She slept in it that night.