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The photos are from last summer, both of my youngest Ellie. The kit is by Heather T and is available at Mscraps and it’s on sale this weekend as part of the big Mscraps first birthday bash. I’d head over there anyway this weekend for lots of freebies (humongous blog hop), challenges and 30% off everything in the store.


Ellie’s big brother, Brandon, gave her a huge jar of glow in the dark stars as part of her Christmas present. She decided that she should use them to make constellations next to her bed. Curious to see what she’d come up with I left the design entirely up to her. My only job was to put the sticky things on the back of each star.

The constellations really do glow! They are best seen when you unplug the nightlight to make the room totally dark. It’s added a bit of fun at tuck in time.

Anna’s MVC All Star Dance team participated in the Richfield High School Dance Show two weeks ago. It was fun that my Mom got to see Anna perform “live” for a change. She confessed that she watches the videos over and over again until her husband asks “haven’t you watched that before” once he starts to recognize the music.


My Mom was here about 2 weeks ago for a medical test at HCMC that resulted in good news. It was an exhausting first day here for her to go through her tests and then to come back to my house and learn that her Mom (my grandma) had passed away the same morning. The rest of the weekend we were able to have a wonderful visit. Mom was able to watch Anna dance on Saturday (will be posting on that soon), come to church with us on Sunday and also check out my Bible Study Fellowship class on Wednesday before I dropped her off at the airport.

My youngest daughter, Elinor, has my Mom’s name (Judith) as her middle name. (Similarly, my older daughter Anna shares her name with my grandma. She is Anna Ruth and grandma was Ruth Anna.) This photo I took of them together reminded me of their special connection so I scrapped about it.

“My mother and my youngest daughter, connected not only by family and love, but by name. Judith is my mother’s name and also the name my youngest daughter shares as her middle name.  My two Judiths: Judith Kay and Elinor Judith. We named our daughter well. Elinor means “light of God” and Judith means “praise”. She is a girl who loves God and who is loved by her namesake.”

One day, January 11, 2011, the day we said goodbye to Nana. She had died last Friday at age 93. Today was her funeral and I wasn’t there. It’s been hard the last few years knowing my Nana was still alive physically, yet also knowing that she no longer remembered me, her Lisa-pet. I felt I said my goodbyes about 4 years ago when she still remembered me. But still I wasn’t there and I had a good reason. I had a job interview, the first interview in six months. It was with a company that met me and interviewed me earlier last year and was now calling me back–a hopeful sign. And I’ve needed hope. It’s been a long lesson in trusting and patience, nearly 2 years. I’ve been missing my Nana for even longer. As I thought of all the wonderful times we shared I smiled when I realized that today you remember too. Goodbye Nana, I love you. Lisa-pet.

A few of my December Daily pages have been featured at some scrapping sites lately. First at Scrapbook Craft Gossip

and today at Roadside Designs Blog (This is where the templates that I used for my December Daily project came from. Suzanne offered them as freebies during December–thanks!)

I was so blessed this Christmas to get a new camera, a Canon EOS 60D. Thanks Dad and Jolene! I’ve been practicing, learning all the new controls and most of all just having fun with my new toy. On New Year’s Day Ellie had a birthday “tea party” for one of her school friends that of course, required dressing up. Good thing Ellie got some fancy new clothes for Christmas that were just perfect for this occasion. Ellie is always willing to be my model. So here’s to my girl in new clothes, in the New Year with my new camera:

Since I’ve spent much of the past week reviewing my 2010 photos, I came across a forgotten treasure this morning: photographs that my youngest took last spring. They gave me a glimpse into her world and they made me smile.

Journaling: “Give a kid a camera & you get a glimpse into their world. You see what they see, the things that are important to them. I see Ellie’s world: her room,  her toys, her home.”

Seeing these photographs made me realize that I need to get a camera into her hands more often because it helps me understand the things and places that are important to her, to see things from her perspective, to see her world.

Spent a quiet New Year’s weekend. Hubby and I did get out for a dinner date on Saturday night, but that was about the extent of my outings. I’ve been trying to lay low and hopefully get rid of my lingering cough that is remaining from last week’s bronchitis. Working on the computer is such a quiet activity that I spent much of my weekend recovering by creating. Last year I did pretty good at scrapping the photos within a short time of taking them. I did miss a few good ones during the year that I still wanted to scrap and I’m going through the collection month by month so I’ll be posting these stragglers as I get to them. Here’s what I got done over the weekend (all from March and April 2010):