This was the first time I had two of my children participating in the annual Medallion Ceremony that was held last Wednesday. The first year of attendance each child gets a medallion with a grade-specific colored ribbon. Each subsequent year they attend a different colored ribbon gets attached before the medallion is presented to them.  This was Ellie’s first year and Anna’s seventh year at the school, so with one in the lower elementary and one in middle school I had kids in 2 of the 7 classrooms. It’s a small school. The ceremony is held in the school’s backyard and once again we were blessed with wonderful 80-degree weather (the day before was a record setting 103 degrees).  Each class has a turn up front where the medallions are presented individually. Then each class has the opportunity to do “something”. Ellie’s class decided to show off some of their work. Ellie help up a sheet full of big number subtraction problems she had been working on. She was uncomfortable using the microphone so a classmate introduced her and her work. You could tell she was so proud.

Anna’s middle school class being the oldest at the school went last. As teens they aren’t so much into the tradition of the medallion ceremony, but they did seem to have fun anyway.

After the ceremony the kids all get popsicles. Then it was time to load up all their stuff they’ve cleaned out of their lockers and bins. I haven’t finished sorting through their previous year’s work yet. Guess that will be one of my summer projects. They had one more day of school after the ceremony. Anna’s class elected to spend the day at a local shopping mall where they did do some shopping and also saw a movie. Ellie’s class had a fun day at the school.