Hubby and daughter start planning the annual trip to the pumpkin patch as soon as they start to see the pumpkins forming on the vines in the fields as they pass by on their way to work/daycare. That means this pumpkin patch outing is months in the making as they watch the pumpkins grow and ripen. Daughter insists on wearing her orange pumpkin shirt (she has to dress for the occasion). She checks them over, looking for “just the right one”. At least she doesn’t try to pick the largest pumpkin in the field.  We get one for big sister and none for big brothers (they’re teenagers and that about says it all).

It’s so easy to focus on the pumpkins and the costumes and the CANDY (did I mention I love chocolate?). I found this last year and loved the message:

P is for the people that Jesus came to save.

U is for the unconditional love to each one He gave.

M is for the message that we should all be sharing.

P is for the priceless gift God above showed he is caring.

K is for the King of Kings.

I is for the Insight He brings.

N is for the nails in His hands.

S is for our Saviour who gave his life so that we could stand. So when you see a pumpkin, don’t think about some guy named Jack. Instead remember Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, who is one day coming back.