Last weekend hubby and I had a relaxing cabin get away (without the kids) to celebrate our birthdays which are only three days apart (he is one year older) and our anniversary (which is later this month). The weather up north was crisp and cold. Winter had arrived. We had a little mishap pushing the boat into the garage–the front wheel collapsed.


Luckily we had moved the car up the hill so at least we were not blocked in by the now downed boat. Help was found in the neighboring town in the form of the man who also takes car of the dock for us. He brought out a new part. Five minutes and $100 later the part was installed and the boat was in the garage. After that we could relax and enjoy the rest of our weekend, which included shopping and this marvelous dinner:



Now for this weekend–after taking care of two sick girls for three days it was my turn (be thankful I didn’t take pictures). Missed church and napped all morning and all afternoon and went to bed early. So much for the weekend!