It was the night before Halloween and pumpkins needed carving in order to be ready to stand vigil outside our door.

Getting ready to work.

Ellie came up with a plan on the way to the pumpkin patch the previous day so out came her drawings to work from as she carved.

Dad supervised the carving. But she really didn’t need much help this year for the first time. I guess for Ellie, 7 is the magic age for pumpkin carving.

The work area. I prepared Anna’s pumpkin since she was out shopping with a classmate for their party.

A pumpkin carved.

See how it matched the plan.

Ellie and Daddy.

Mommy and Ellie and Belle (her doll). The smaller Christmas tree pumpkin was for Belle.

Anna arrived home in time to carve her pumpkin.

I think she is positively in love with her pumpkin man.


Now we are ready for Halloween!