It was the second weekend in a row for birthday parties for Ellie (not that she minded). This one was for our next door neigbor who turned 3. Ellie loves to play “big sister” to her. The party was held at Chuck E Cheese and it had been years since I had been there. It hasn’t changed: the kids, the noise, the games and the pizza. The birthday girl had about 25 guests and most of their parents celebrating with her. The parents went all out providing food, lots of game tokens for the kids, balloons, treat bags and ice cream cake. All that for a 3-year-old.

There were creatured to bop on the head.

Races to win.

Places to jockey for position.

You can tell what Ellie thought of this ride by her expression–blah!

Dancing up a storm and showing off those moves.

Screaming with the birthday girl on the roller coaster simulator. I think this was Ellie’s favorite since she went on it 6 times.

Ellie and the birthday girl opening some presents.

I was sure worn out after 2.5 hours in this environment, yet somehow the kids still seemed energized.