After enjoying the morning hiking around Gooseberry Falls, we headed back to Duluth, picked up Brandon and went to Canal Park for the afternoon. It’s a great place to look at the boats and ships, eat, shop and people watch.

Watching the activity on the water.

Canal Park is famous for the Lift Bridge. We arrived in time for the raising of the bridge to let a large ore ship out to the open water of Lake Superior.

Standing directly under the Lift Bridge as it is lowered, Ellie wasn’t so sure that she wouldn’t be squished.

Aren’t we a cute couple. I wonder how many pictures we have like this from other years with the Lift Bridge in the background?

Our little darling at the Canal.

Our college kid in his new town.

Our beautiful daughter overlooking the beautiful City of Duluth.

The family.

Ellie enjoying the ride. It won’t be too much longer that Daddy will be able to carry her.

Throwing rocks in the lake.

Jeff giving advice for picking out the perfect skipping rock.

The men hanging out (as shot from the hip).

Another photograph shot from the hip, but I still like the line of her body.

Love her cute feet.

Ellie had a blast feeding and chasing the gulls.

You won’t see this too often– a grown middle-aged woman doing cartwheels in public…but the family dared me to.