It was Anna’s 5th year participating as an MVC Jr. Cheerleader. It has given her an opportunity to perform on the field at the Dome during a Vikings home game many times. The first few years they held two camps each year–one during the summer for a preseason game and the other in the winter. Lately however, this has changed to be a once a year opportunity early in the regular season. After three days of practice the girls were ready to try out the field. It was only about 8:30 in the morning, but boy those kids had a lot of energy. As an alumni of the MVC I usually have the opportunity to help out. That means unlike the other parents, I get to hang out on  the field.

Anna at her morning field practice. Since she is one of the older girls she was in the back row.

Trying out the opponents bench.

The entrance. Love those poms held high!

Look at that hair go.

Ending pose with her MVC All Star teammate and friend, Lexi.

After the Jr. practice we headed outside for my A-Team practice and performance on the Plaza (more on that later). Some of the other activities on the Plaza include a round of “Fan Feud” pitting fans from each team against each other. Anna got selected to represent the Vikings fans.

Anna waiting her turn to represent the Viking fans.

I think she got the toughest question!

Showing off her prize for playing “Fan Feud”.

Back to the game and on the field during the second quarter waiting for the other girls to arrive in anticipation of their half time performance. My job was to keep 200 girls corralled and away from the Detroit Lion’s bench while shooing their parents down to the corner.

Anna on the field.

Mother and daughter on the field.

The Jr. Cheerleaders celebrating what would be the last touchdown the Vikings made that game. At least they were still winning at half time.

I did get a good view of Anna performing. The only bad thing was that it was mostly of her back. I choose to stay on the back side of the field to have a better view rather than from the front of the routine where I’d only catch a glimpse of her. Even from the back, her kicks are still amazing!

This was my favorite shot of her performance and one of the few times she was facing my direction.

She’s still smiling.

Love her enthusiasm.

(The video stops about 10 seconds before the end.) It was a great performance and a program that she’s enjoyed for years now. I know it has made many wonderful memories for both of us.