Since dancing with the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders A-Team we’ve had the opportunity a few times a year to perform on the field with the MVC during a game. It’s always exciting and nerve-racking and brings back lots of memories. This year the opportunity came early to perform a pre-game routine before the September 18th game. It was a busy morning with practices for both the pre-game routine and our routine for the Plaza.

The A-Team in the Dome. They let the cheerleaders have the field before the teams do in the morning. That means an early call time.

Anna came prepared for the early morning chill.

It was a morning that threatened rain by the time we were to perform on the plaza. Since the ground was wet, we had to modify the beginning of our routine to stay off the wet pavement. The drizzle stopped just prior to dancing and as soon as we were finished it started again.

The MVC A-Team dancing to “Shut the Phunk Up”. (I start 3rd from the left in the front row on the ground and quickly switch to the back row.)

After this routine on the Plaza it was back inside the Dome to our seats on the field. Now field seats are either great (if the play is in your end) or terrible (all plays at the other end). It is fun to be so close to the action and actually hear what is going on.

The MVC and A-Team perform together to “Pause”. I’m somewhere  in there! And I have the distinction of being the oldest lady out there dancing.

On the field together…we had fun even if the Vikings lost.