Last Tuesday was the first day of school for my three children still at home and for my one at college. Both my girls were going back to the same teacher they had the previous year. Actually for Anna it’s her 5th year with the same teacher (she moved from being an upper elementary teacher to the middle school class). I think the girls were mostly excited to see their friends. Ellie was the first one ready to go.

Ellie insisted that her sister help her pick out the perfect outfit to start second grade.

Ellie and her Daddy.

Ellie and Mommy.

Next up was Anna. She seemed much less concerned about what she was going to wear this year (a sign of maturity), but still managed to look awesome.

Anna the eighth grader.

Anna & Ellie. I love that they have to opportunity to attend the same school at least for this last year. It’s nice knowing Ellie has her big sister just right upstairs to look out for her.

Mom & Anna.

At the bus stop: Anna and her good friend, Ali. These two have known each other since the first grade. Hard to believe it’s their last year at the school.

Off to school on the bus.

Although Austin usually leaves earlier than the girls,this first day the upper classmen didn’t have to start until 11! He did leave a bit earlier than that to go out to breakfast with his friend, Teddy.

Austin my sophomore.