I couldn’t resist the play on words! The temperatures were in the 90s with the heat index pushing 100. It was my first time dancing with my A-team this season. I missed the first pre-season game because it was Ellie’s 7th birthday. Since Jeff and the boys were off taking Brandon to college, both of the girls came with me downtown.

(photo by Ellie)

Hot and sweaty after a short practice, but still my beautiful A-team teammates (photo by Ellie).

The A-team performed two routines in addition to SKOL for the fans on the plaza:

One to “Party Anthem” (most of the time I’m towards the front right)

The second to “Don’t Want to Go Home” (most of the time I’m towards the right side)

The videos are thanks to my daughter, Anna.

Hanging out on the plaza:

We were all just dripping by the time we got back to the car and were anxious to be home and just relax. Pulling into the driveway the garage door wouldn’t open, so Anna hopped out to try the keypad. By that time I realized it wasn’t our garage door that was the problem, it was that there was no power in the neighborhood. I had taken my husband’s keys with me since that key ring had just the car key and a house key. But it wasn’t our house key (which I found out by trying the door). I still had another backup (or so I thought). We keep a lock box under our deck. I haven’t used it for years, but I still remembered the code. It was empty and I was seriously locked out of my own house and my husband wasn’t coming home for another two days. We hadn’t eaten dinner yet so I took the girls with me back into Chaska for a bite at Arbys. Towards the end of dinner Anna called a friend who lived in the neighborhood and they had found out that the power probably wouldn’t be restored until after midnight or later. The girls just looked at me and said, “What are we going to do Mommy?” I had no idea, but started looking through my contacts list on my cell phone and praying. I called my friend, Gail, who calls her home “The Blessing House”. She said to come on over and she’d leave the light on. We took over her two bedrooms downstairs and she even provided pjs and toothbrushes. The girls and I were royally blessed by the “Blessing House” and Gail that evening.

Ellie ready for bed.

Well, maybe NOT so ready for bed once she found Miss Gail’s masks and feathers. I caught her dancing in her room after I’d tucked her in. I guess we were on an adventure that was just too exciting for her.

Anna was ready to relax and sleep.

In the morning Gail made us hot chocolate and we sat in her window seats overlooking the lake. We finally made it home later that morning and the power was back on. In the car ride home Ellie commented, “When I grow up and have a house, I want it to be just like Miss Gail’s house. It’s going to be a God’s house.”  (YES! I think it was a good adventure after all.)