Ellie has needed a new bed for a while now. But we realized that with Brandon moving out this fall, we’d have an extra bed that could then go to her. Ellie has been excited about getting a “big” girl bed (she’s been using the old crib mattress on the floor for years), but was sad that her big brother had to leave home in order for her to get the bed. We’ve had to reassure her that Brandon would be leaving anyway because that’s what you want to do when you are 18. With Brandon successfully off to college, I spent the better part of two days cleaning out and organizing her entire room. I even scrubbed portions of the walls and went through her clothes. Anna helped me move the bed upstairs into her room. For her birthday just a week earlier she had gotten some new bedding that she’d picked out.  She loved the new look of her room. She must really love it because it’s stayed clean for almost a week now!