After the birthday celebration we invited the family to join us the next day at Papa’s cabin for an afternoon of tubing before going out to dinner together. I was still hurting from doing a face-plant on the sidewalk the night before. It was one of those stupid things where I was moving too fast, tripped going up the sidewalk stair and landed on my face. It took Jeff a few minutes to find me laying out there, but I didn’t want to move right away since I felt quite dizzy. He got me an ice pack and some advil and eventually we made it back into the cabin. Turns out I landed on my cheek and lip resulting in much swollen-ness (a fat lip!) and a large scab on my cheek.  It could’ve been much worse had I hit the sidewalk a little lower (probably would’ve damaged some teeth) or higher (eyes and head). So I’m afraid I wasn’t such a good hostess when the family arrived, but they understood.

At least the kids got to enjoy the lake tubing. My little daredevil, Ellie, even got a ride out of the wake for the first time and came back all excited to tell me about it.

We were looking forward to eating at the Logging Camp. After being closed the past few years, it reopened this summer. Eating is done in a old-time mess hall, eating family-style at long tables. Dinner had all you can eat meat (chicken, pork, BBQ ribs, ham)–this was heaven to all those teen boys in our party. The grounds sit next to a small creek, also have old equipment sitting around to explore and chickens and turkeys that follow you around.  All of that make the Logging Camp a fun dining experience.

Before we left on Monday, Austin helped Ellie fish off the dock while the van was being loaded and the cabin cleaned. I think she was the fisher-person of the weekend.

What a catch!