Hard to believe, but my baby girl turned seven just a week and a half ago. On her birthday we headed up to a timeshare in Detroit Lakes that Grandpa and Grandma had for the week. Aunt Gayna’s family was there also. I had made a cake and brought it along, so as soon as it was frosted and decorated with puppies (at Ellie’s request) we started celebrating. The table was loaded with gifts. She’s still at that age where it’s fairly easy to pick out gifts (and they don’t cost a fortune). She loved everything! After all the gifts were opened everyone sang “happy birthday” and the cake was served. The teens took off to the adjacent disc golf course while Ellie headed for the pool to swim and play with some of her new pool toys. Cousin Matt joined Ellie in the pool later. We had dinner and then Jeff, Ellie and I headed to Papa’s cabin for the night.