The first weekend of August is our County Fair. We missed it last year and well, we missed it. Ellie, Anna and I headed out in the morning shortly after the fair opened and started by touring the animal barns. Ellie made friends with some baby calves and loved feeding the llamas. We laughed when the camel tried to get his own food out of the machine.  Then we all had a lesson on CPR and Anna and I got to practice our new skills. Ellie discovered that she likes chemistry. She tested many local lake water samples for phosphorus. By then we were hungry so we sampled many of the food vendors while looking through more of the exhibits. The midway area opened after lunch and we were in luck since the afternoon rides were all 2 for 1! Ellie was so pleased to learn that she could go on many of the rides but not the big ones yet. I was brave enough for the ferris wheel, but after that I let the girls go together. Anna was a great big sister showing Ellie all the fun rides. I did let Anna go on one of the big rides by herself since she was such a help.