The MVC All Stars had another parade appearance about a week ago. It turned out to be a beautiful evening in St. Anthony. About half of Anna’s purple team was there and she really enjoyed getting together with the girls. The team was excited as the parade was about to start. Ellie and I sat with another mom from of one of the All Stars near the end of the parade. Some of the units were out of candy by the time they got to us, but most were just trying to get rid of what they had left over before the end about a block away. Ellie collected lots of candy, some bubbles, a pair of star sunglasses, a t-shirt from Goldy Gopher, and a huge stuffed puppy dog. Towards the end Anna’s dad found us which was good since that’s where Anna knew we were. Anna took off with her Dad’s family for the cabin. On the way home Ellie managed to change into her new t-shirt (while still buckled in) which fit her like a night gown. She slept in it that night.