Last week Funky Minds hosted two young ladies from Nepal who shared stories and photos from their native country. We learned that will Nepal is a bit smaller than our Minnesota, they have about 6 times as many people and over 37 different languages. In fact these two women did not speak each other’s native language. They both knew the national language of Napalise, Hindi and English. I had seen photographs of the mountainous region of the county being famous for the Himalayas and many of the worlds tallest peaks, but I was amazed at the beauty of the hill-county regions and many lakes. After their talk brought out some henna dye for tattoos. These types of tattoos are common for brides in their country. Ellie had to ask if these “tattoos” were the bad kind with needles. They created beautiful designs.

Even Anna and Katie were willing participants.

Ellie gets a henna tattoo.