It was the annual “free” day for county residents at the Arboretum and you have to take advantage of “free”!

Last year Ellie and I had fun doing a mother-daughter photo walk through the gardens. This year, I had her camera along, but she was more interested in exploring. Our first stop was the Japanese Gardens, since this was what Ellie remembered as her favorite area. I think it was because of the fish ponds. That girl could spend hours mesmerized by the swimming fish.


For our second year in a row, Ellie and I  went to the Arboretum during their “free” day to those of us who live in the county. It was a warm day, so we didn’t stay too long. Ellie wanted to see her favorite area, the Japanese Garden. It’s her favorite because of the coy fish ponds. Some of those fish are huge. Even though we were only there an hour we did manage to visit a few areas that were new to us.