Catching up on the last weekend of the photo a day project for July. I love this photograph since it captures exactly what I think of when I think of my husband, Jeff.

July 30:

We were headed to the cabin for the weekend and stopped along the way to visit his sister, Gayna, and family who were staying at their place on Leech Lake. It was a beautiful afternoon so we spend most of it at the beach, staying cool in the water, going down the water slide, kayaking and playing on the water tramp.


Hanging out on Leech Lake with the cousins. Took turns going down the water slide. You went faster if you sat on a cushion. Ellie went so fast that she’d skip like a rock 3 times at the end! Anna gave Ellie her 1st kayak ride. Everyone had to have a try at the “moonwalk” attached to the water tramp. No one made it too far before falling in. I think Ellie had the best idea with her crawling technique.


We stayed around for dinner and games before heading to our cabin.


After our swim we went backto Jim & Gayna’s spot at the resort where they grilled a wonderful summertime dinner. The boys played a little football and got the fire going. We took turns playing rounds of bean-bag toss. Although when it was Ellie’s turn the other’s were generous to let her creep up cutting the distance in half. Even Reece was interested in the game, or maybe he was just interested in spending time with his buddy, Ellie. For the next few days all we heard was “when are we getting a dog?”
It was an enjoyable afternoon and evening with family that will be remembered for a long time.