I was meeting up with some old friends that use to be part of what we called the “publications committee”. Back in the day when I was the MSPE President we worked with Jim on putting out the magazine called “Engineering Contacts”. We’d get together and discuss issues in our area affecting the engineering community. The gathering was at a local Perkins, so of course my girls wanted to tag along for the food. We were a bit early and the restaurant wasn’t too far from my old neighborhood where Anna spent her first 3.5 years. She wanted to see it again. We took a little walk to the park we use to frequent. It was by a school on the other side of the creek. It was fun re-living the memories with Anna.

July 28:

By the creek.


Even at 13 she had to try out the toddler swing she use to sit in when she was, well, a toddler.

And finally at Perkins, part of the old committee: Dennis, me, Don and Jim (seated):

It was good to see these guys again. They were all like second fathers to me.