Another fun morning with the Funky Minds bunch. This time we added everyone’s pets. It was Pet Show day with a guest veterinarian, Dr. Hersey. There were cats and dogs and rabbits and guinea pigs and hamsters and a toad and even a few pet rocks. After all the kids introduced their pets, Dr. Hersey told the children about what happens when they bring their animal in for a check up. Then she showed them how they would care for a wound and let them practice bandaging each other. Ellie’s pet was a toad. Ellie and her neighbor friend, Alex, had caught a very tiny toad over the weekend in the yard and Ellie had been caring for it. She named him Stripe because there was one stripe along its back. Amazingly all the creatures got along beautifully.

July 26:


Ellie’s pet toad, Stripe.


More photos from the Funky Minds Pet Show:

After this it was time to free Stripe. Ellie determined that the best habitat would be near the river. She found a good new home for Stripe that had lots of bugs to eat, water nearby to drink and shrubs for shelter.