Attended church with the entire family (that doesn’t seem to happen much lately) in the morning. After the service we have a fellowship time downstairs. I have a love/hate relationship with this. I love spending time visiting with people and catching up on each others lives. I love the treats that Dianna serves each week (today was rice crispy bars with chocolate and an oreo ice cream cake). I hate the treats that Dianna provides because they are so good and I am tempted to have more than one (now that’s my fault, not Dianna’s).

It was also the first Sunday, Mark’s wife from Guatemala was here. Mark and Maria married in June 2010. It has taken this long to work through the immigration papers to bring her and her daughter to Minnesota.  I am so happy that they can finally be together.

In the afternoon our friends, Brian, Orialla and their kids, Danny and Andrea came over for lunch and a visit. We actually had all 4 of our kids home for lunch with us too. It made for a crowded but fun table.

Ellie got a bit creative finally making use of some of the paper hearts she punched out last week.

July 24:

Love rocks.