It was all about birthday boys and Legos and floating down the mighty Mississippi River.

My two nephews, Justin and Reed, have summer birthdays. They each had a friend’s party already, but we still like to get everyone together for a family birthday celebration. Justin is now 12 and Reed is 8. They enjoyed having lots of their cousins together. Jeff, Ellie, Austin and I attended. Gifts consisted of Legos (so many sets that should keep them busy for awhile) and gift cards. After lunch, cake and gifts we headed for the boat launch just a few blocks away. Unfortunately Dan’s boat still isn’t fixed (he was a bit upset about that since he just got it back from the shop the day before), which curtailed the boat riding. But there was still tubing/floating down river to do. Funny how the kids all start out in a tube, but shortly after leaving the shore, they’d rather free-float in their life jackets. Dana has figured this all out and wisely ties the tubes together to keep track of them. Since the water level has been so high all year, the ride was faster than last year. It was fun. Austin and I tubed down river once, but Ellie and Jeff did it again. After cleaning up it was time for me to head up to St. Joseph for tomorrow’s bike ride.

July 16:

Papa Lee and his fishing buddy, Justin.

Can’t leave out the other birthday boy: