The highlight of the day was heading to the library to see a show put on by the Reptile and Amphibian Zoo. I was able to get some photographs of Ellie outside by the fountain that are just too darn cute for words. The show was quite interesting and the kids even got to pet a tortoise and a boa constrictor afterwards.

July 11:

By the fountain.

Ellie really liked the photographs I took of her with her friend fox and since she has been on a digi-scrapping kick, she decided she needed to make another layout. She did everything herself except for the title and date.  Now that she’s made a few layouts, the only thing she needed help with was a little recoloring of the flower element. But she knew she needed to use the “magic wand”. As she says, “if I don’t like something, there’s always control Z”.

A photo from the show:

Braver than her mom!