It was a bittersweet day since it was the day of Grandpa Bill’s funeral. It was Ellie’s first time attending a funeral. I thought it would be ok for her to attend since knowing Bill and his family, that it would be a celebration of his life and not anything somber. I did avoid viewing the open casket, but Ellie was able to see his body lying there and said, “He’s not really there anymore is he Mommy, it’s just his body. I know he’s in heaven now with Jesus.” She had it figured out. The service was mostly upbeat although I did get teary-eyed when they closed the casket and draped it with the American flag. Bill was a Korean War veteran and purple heart recipient. I enjoyed meeting many of Bill’s other friends from church and quite a few of them asked if we were from Bill’s Funk Mind’s family since he talked about us often. The church ladies put on a nice lunch. Just for the kids, they set out a basket of Grandpa Bill’s trademark, dum dum suckers. I think Ellie had 3 of them. Bill’s wife, Marlene, had also set out two large baskets of wooden Christmas ornaments that Bill had carved for people to take. Woodworking was a favorite hobby of Bill’s.

Later in the day Ellie and I had some play time at a local park that we haven’t been to in a long time.

July 6:

Playing in the park.