Happy Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!

It was just me and Ellie for most of the day. Jeff had to work.

We started out the morning by taking Brandon to the Target clinic for a rash on his leg that just wasn’t clearing up. Probably poison ivy he picked up at the cabin a few weeks ago.

Ellie and I shared an Icee while waiting for Brandon.

My friend, Gale, from church invited people out to her lake home to spend the day. Ellie immediately found a new friend in Gale’s toy room (yes there is an entire room at her house just for toys) and snuggled on the back porch swing with it.

July 4:

Relaxing on the 4th.

Other photos from the day:

Gail’s beautiful lake home.

Ellie and I spent most of the afternoon floating on the raft. Later when more kids came, it was always full.

Me on the pontoon boat.

Heading back after a tour of the lake and swimming at the beach.

After a wonderful potluck dinner and more swimming for Ellie back at Gail’s dock, we had planned on staying to watch the fireworks. As Ellie got dressed, she said that she’s never watched the fireworks without her Daddy, so we headed home. I tried calling on the way, no answer. When we got home, no Daddy and no note either. Luckily Daddy showed up about 10 minutes before we were ready to leave for the fireworks display. Just enough time to light a few sparklers.

A new challenge this week at jessicasprague.com prompted me to get a layout done already using these photos from the 4th.

Ellie has recently got into digi-scrapping too. She made this layout using a template. I did the typing, but all the words are hers. She did all the clipping of papers, selecting and resizing of the elements (she loved the paint splatters).

I love her work!