Nana would have been 94 years old today. Happy birthday Nana!

I think of her at times when I use my oldest daughter’s full name “Anna Ruth”. Even when I say it meaning to be stern and get her attention, but it always reminds me of Nana, since she was “Ruth Anna”, and it makes me smile. I had Anna’s middle name picked out first and Anna just seemed to go well with it. I kept it a secret from Nana until after Anna was born. She cried on the telephone when I told her.

I think of her often when I’m reading. We both shared of love of good books. I know we also shared the ability to read a page faster than anyone else around. My mom and daughter, Anna, also share this talent. I’ve never been able to figure out exactly how we do it, other than that we seem to have the ability to comprehend an entire page or two in front of us without reading every word.

I think of her when I’m out  shopping. When she asked what I wanted to do when we were together I would always say, “Let’s go shopping!” and we did. I remember being able to shop all day together before we’d get tired.

I think of her when I eat dark chocolate, a treat we both loved.

I think of her now as my youngest daughter, Ellie, is loosing her teeth. Ellie just lost tooth number 6 this past week. I lost my first tooth at age 7 during one of my many visits to Nana’s house. She kept that tooth and the first letter I ever sent her in a picture frame that sat on her dresser for long time. I have that frame now.

Nana died this past January and today, on her birthday, I think of her.

I love you Nana and can’t wait to spend eternity with you in heaven!