It’s been a long time since I participated in a “speed scrap”, probably years in fact. But I warmed up my keyboard/mouse fingers and got ready for the first of many scheduled Speed Scraps scheduled this month at in honor of their fourth birthday. In a “speed scrap” you are given a series of directions usually one at a time during a one hour period. I have to say I got so involved in my layout at times that I would forget to go back and check in for the next direction, but it all worked out. Usually you are given a bit more than one hour to complete and upload your layout to the gallery. It was a bit tense at times, but I did it and I hope to join in on another one soon.

The girls and I spent a relaxing weekend at the cabin over Memorial Day. One of our activities was giving each other makeovers.  With or without the makeup, I think this girl of mine is a beauty!