Before the Memorial Day holiday we were treated to concerts by all three of oldest children. It was a week of end-of-the-year band concerts. Anna’s was on Tuesday night and Brandon and Austin’s concert was on Thursday night.

This was Anna’s fourth year playing the flute in band and once again this year she participated in both the Finale band and the Jazz bands.

The Finale band playing “Fossils”:

The Jazz band playing the “Theme from James Bond”:

At the end of their concert they brought together all three bands for a final number. It was fun to see so many kids performing together. The entire school 1st through 8th grade has only about 175 students and band is obviously a favorite activity.

On Thursday night the high school concert started out with Austin’s band performing “Night on Bald Mountain”:

Austin has been in band for 5 years and just this year switched from the alto sax to the tenor sax. He’s in the back row center in this next photo.

Brandon has been playing french horn in the band since the fifth grade. The concert ended with Brandon’s band playing this excerpt from “Arabesque”:

All the Seniors were introduced since it was their last concert:

The formal Senior photo that was included in the program:

Brandon is in the back row, third from the right.