With two girls in dance classes this year it was inevitable that we’d have two recitals. And with one of them having dress rehearsal on the same day, it made a long day of dance. Ellie’s rehearsal was in the morning. Everyone had to be there at the beginning to practice the finale. The parents were invited to watch and take pictures.

Then everyone waited backstage as they ran through the program in order. Ellie’s group was third from the end so it was close to 2 hours later by the time we left.  There was enough time to head home, have lunch and get ready again before the afternoon recital.

She’s ready backstage. With a little hair gel borrowed from Daddy to keep the hair back, a little glitter eye shadow from her big sister and lipstick from Mommy Ellie was set.

These two teens were the helpers for Ellie’s group backstage.

I expected Ellie to be a bit tired after a long wait to perform, but she came out with lots of energy and big smiles. I reminded her that she would probably not be able to spot us in the audience with the stage lights, but when she moved to the front of the stage at the beginning of her dance she saw us right away since we were sitting in only the 4th row. Grandma and Grandpa and her big sister Anna attended in addition to Mom and Dad. No pictures were allowed during the actual performances, so I’ll have to wait for the official video.

After getting her flowers and pictures when the show was done, a special treat was in order:

Ellie ordered a chocolate chip cookie sundae.

Later in the evening while Grandma and Grandpa watched Ellie, Jeff and I attended Anna’s recital. Wow! Where in the afternoon all the younger dancers were especially cute, the older girls put on quite an entertaining show. Anna’s group performed a jazz routine to an Elton John medley.

My two dancers!

Both girls did so well in there performances and they are excited for another year of dance. They will both be moving up in levels–Ellie into ballet level 2 and Anna in to jazz level 3/4 in addition to hip hop.