After the day at the zoo, Ellie’s big sister Anna had to attend her dress rehearsal so Ellie and I headed over to the church rummage sale while we were waiting. I had worked 7 hours one day setting up and also about 4 hours of the sale. Ellie had been doing lots of extra chores around the house to earn money for the sale.  She is quite the shopper figuring out how much she has to spend. In the end she picked out a My Little Pony bath set, a new floral lampshade, some sunglasses, a stuffed moose for her sister (since moose are her favorite animal) and some Korean nick-nacs for her friends next door (they are both adopted from Korea).  I love how she thinks of others. Just before we were leaving I happened to look out the back door at all the stuff gathered for the sale on the patio and spied a pink bike just Ellie’s size. After riding around the grass for a few minutes I knew it had to come home with us. At home she couldn’t wait to show her Daddy. We all took off with her riding down the street to the cul-de-sac where it is flat enough to practice. It’s hard learning how to ride a bike when you live in the middle of a hilly road. But she’s determined to learn to ride this summer.

I think her expression says it all.