It was the first day around here that actually felt like it could be summer soon. And I got to spend it with my youngest, Ellie and a few of her classmates as I chaperoned their field trip to the Minnesota Zoo last Wednesday. As I arrived at the zoo I noticed the parking attendants directing all the passenger cars to one parking lot and the school buses to another. No problem, I just had to walk about a block to await their bus. I was astonished to see bus after bus after bus pull up, drop off their students and park.  How was I ever going to find my class? Good thing for cell phones. Three phone calls later to the teacher we found each other. We started out at the bird show. What beautiful creatures! Of course we passed the new play area on the way so we had to head back there after the show. The play area started out fun, but before too long Ellie had gotten pushed and Delaney had gotten kicked. Enough of that fun, so we headed inside to watch the dolphin training session. They were demonstrating how they work and train the dolphins. It was so neat to see the newest 9 month old dolphin working along side its mother. Then then girls were hungry so we ate lunch. After that the girls wanted to see the farm animals. They were a little disappointed that the wagon ride out the the farm wasn’t running yet, but it was only a 5 minute walk. There were lots of animals to pet and I think they petted almost everyone. I guess that’s why they have lots of handwashing stations at the farm. Of course we passed another park on the way to the farm so on the way back we had to stop and play there too. I bought the girls ice cream treats. Then it was time to meet the bus. We did pass a few other animals on our way: caribou, moose and tigers. The day had gone by so fast. We dropped off our friends and then Ellie and I spent a little more time exploring the tropics trail and the Minnesota trail. The animals were the most active that I’ve ever seen along the Minnesota trail.

Since we were practically in the neighborhood, we stopped in for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa. We drove with the top down. It was the first time Ellie rode with the top down on the highway.  It was a great day, but it wasn’t over yet for Ellie. More about that in another post. (Is that enough suspense to make you want to come back?)