After the first exciting day at UPA, there was even more fun on day 2. The other two MVC All Star teams (Sparkle and Gold) joined the Purple team in competitions on Saturday.

Here’s the whole group warming up before the competition.

Anna’s Purple Team walking the long hall backstage. This is the “on deck” area.

Ok, here’s the shot I have to get every year: Anna’s way over-the-head high kick.

On this day they were competing in the “open” category.

The team took another second place trophy in the Open division. Way to go Purple!

After these awards, the teams anxiously awaited the announcements for the Grand Champion qualifiers. The two younger teams, Sparkle and Gold, automatically qualified due to the lack of teams in their division. The Purple team was in a tougher position, being one of 14 teams vying for 7 spots. These announcements were very late coming and we were getting ready to leave. Just as we approached the back door of the auditorium, the announcements started so we decided to hang around. Good thing we did–the Purple team qualified for Grand Champs and would be competing again on Sunday. Anna was so excited!

Here are the Coaches and some of the Purple Team after the big announcement! You’ve earned it Purple team.

That same evening Anna and I attended the Gala where the top awards were presented.  I teased Anna that she was only 4 spots away from being on stage (with her 7th place in All American Dance Superstar yesterday).