It turned out to be an awesome first day at the UPA Dance Competition this past February. Anna had a busy schedule.

Anna getting ready and practicing for her dance solo to “Mercy”.All Star Coach Melissa and her solo coach, Jessica were on hand to cheer Anna on during her solo. Only a maximum of 4 people are allowed in the room during this part of the competition.Anna in action during her solo dance (sorry for the quality–it’s a video capture).Proud Mom after her solo. I thought she did wonderfully. See for yourself:

Next up was the kick solo competition.

A change of costume. Good thing Coach Melissa texted us that the competition was running ahead of schedule. We headed upstairs to the ballroom just as a UPA staff member was looking for Anna. She didn’t have time to rehearse back-stage and I barely had time to set my things down and get the camera out.The kick competition was open to the public and held in one of the larger ballrooms. That’s my girl with the awesome way-over-the-head high kicks.

Another quick change into her team costume. Then Anna checked in for her interview. She said the interview judges liked her career goals of becoming a dance studio owner and a spinal surgeon. Then it was time to head back over to the Convention Center to meet up with the team.

Last minute practice upstairs before their first team competition.

The Pom competition was held in the auditorium of the Minneapolis Convention Center. This year I was signed up as one of the team’s coaches so I got to see the girls all the way to the back stage area before running up front to catch their performance.

They looked great–big smiles and lots of energy.

The team took 2nd place in their pom division! Way to go MVC Purple All Stars!

Here’s Anna with the team trophy–pretty nice.

Then it was off to await the results of the individual awards. Anna had her teammate and friend, Morgan with her for support.

Wow! Anna receiving 5th place for kick.

And another! A 7th place award for All American Dance Superstar (this award consists of a dance solo, academics, an essay and interview).

A very happy girl loaded down with awards!

One more event for the day: the UPA Birthday Bash Pizza Party.

The purple team enjoying their pizza.

Anna and Allison get into the party spirit.

The party attendees.

What a day!