Slowly I am making progress catching up with my class at Jessica Sprague. This one was bittersweet for me to work on. Not because of the technical challenges of this layout but because Jessica featured Spraguefest #1 on her sample layout. I was one of the 18 gals to attend this first event in Chicago in 2008 and it was one of the best weekends of my life. All the ladies I enjoyed chatting with on-line were even more wonderful in real life. It took me a while to stroll down memory lane as I searched through my photographs of that weekend for a few to use in my layout. I just had to make a similar layout of Spraguefest #1 for my lesson (it would be my first layout of that trip!). We sure crammed a lot into one weekend: shopping, hiking downtown, eating, sight seeing, boat tour, the American Girl store, cab rides, and just hanging out talking at all hours of the day or night. My photograph selection had to be tempered by the fact that we were going to cross-process the photographs. Jessica had indicated in her lesson that sunglasses make a good cross-processed look so I just happened to have a photo of the two of us in our sunglasses (how awesome is that!). I also choose a photo of my friend Veeves from England and myself at the Bean–figuring the distortions of the reflections might give a cool cross-processed effect. The final photo I selected my favorite building photo.

Thanks for the memories evoked during this lesson. I haven’t been able to attend the subsequent “Spraguefest” events, but a gal can dream!