My Mom was here about 2 weeks ago for a medical test at HCMC that resulted in good news. It was an exhausting first day here for her to go through her tests and then to come back to my house and learn that her Mom (my grandma) had passed away the same morning. The rest of the weekend we were able to have a wonderful visit. Mom was able to watch Anna dance on Saturday (will be posting on that soon), come to church with us on Sunday and also check out my Bible Study Fellowship class on Wednesday before I dropped her off at the airport.

My youngest daughter, Elinor, has my Mom’s name (Judith) as her middle name. (Similarly, my older daughter Anna shares her name with my grandma. She is Anna Ruth and grandma was Ruth Anna.) This photo I took of them together reminded me of their special connection so I scrapped about it.

“My mother and my youngest daughter, connected not only by family and love, but by name. Judith is my mother’s name and also the name my youngest daughter shares as her middle name.  My two Judiths: Judith Kay and Elinor Judith. We named our daughter well. Elinor means “light of God” and Judith means “praise”. She is a girl who loves God and who is loved by her namesake.”