One day, January 11, 2011, the day we said goodbye to Nana. She had died last Friday at age 93. Today was her funeral and I wasn’t there. It’s been hard the last few years knowing my Nana was still alive physically, yet also knowing that she no longer remembered me, her Lisa-pet. I felt I said my goodbyes about 4 years ago when she still remembered me. But still I wasn’t there and I had a good reason. I had a job interview, the first interview in six months. It was with a company that met me and interviewed me earlier last year and was now calling me back–a hopeful sign. And I’ve needed hope. It’s been a long lesson in trusting and patience, nearly 2 years. I’ve been missing my Nana for even longer. As I thought of all the wonderful times we shared I smiled when I realized that today you remember too. Goodbye Nana, I love you. Lisa-pet.